If you want an early (and quick) dinner / late lunch try La Mama (next to Pintori) in Via Di San Bernando 70, Genoa.  You can have just one course or more and they do takaway. Eat and drink well for Euro20, or in and out for less than Euro 10. Gets very busy after 8pm. Hours 12-3, 7-12. Tel: 010/2518937. Great fresh pasta dishes too.

la mama pizza  La Mama Pizza, Genoa. Wood fired oven.

On a sunday afternoon? Bar food "finito"? Hungry kids? Go to Mac Donalds Via XX (Venti) Settembre  (next to Hotel Bristol Palace) which is pretty packed on a Sunday. So busy, three menu's had sold out: the place to be.

There's one bar always opened in Piazza de Ferrari 34/36r, the city centre, in front of the Opera. It's called Storico Lounge Cafè. Hours 06.00-03.00 tel 0102474548.
storico louge cafè genova