While Genoa in the past was known as a rather rough-around-the-edges seaport town, it has developed into a hub of the artistically charged culture that is synonymous with the Italian Riviera. Genoa recently revamped its two major cinemas, and has several smaller independent screening houses for visitors wishing to catch a foreign film (foreign only to visitors, that is). The annual Genoan Film Festival held in June, is an interesting treat for film buffs, where local filmmakers submit short films in the week-long competition. Those looking for live performances can head to the Carlo Felice Theater, for opera, jazz, ballet, and even rock concerts. Classic plays are held throughout the year at Teatro della Corte, a theater that has produced some of the world's most respected thespians. Comedy performances can be found at the Duse hall, however, speaking italian is of course mandatory if you wish to understand the humor. For dance enthusiasts, The Modena, which was built in the 1800's, hosts an eclectic mix of performances including ballet, brazillian routines, and acrobatics. For a more edgy scene, the younger crowd heads to DLF, a large club that is also a venue for live music performances, often attracting the latest underground musicians from the London club circuit. Music fans should also take note of the Goa-Boa festival held in July, which is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike.