Monterosso can fulfill the dreams of the Italian Riviera for families of any size. From an only child with 2 parents to a multigenerational vacation, there is a delightful selection of beaches and activities for everyone.

After arriving from the airport and settling into the ideal resort, consider one of several museum and attractions . Explore the Old Town and New Town respectively from the visitor center that is housed in Aurora Tower. On an especially calm day, hike the footpaths that stretch across the entire Cinque Terre terrain. The 12 km trail provides panoramic views of the bay, olive groves, and countryside.

Although there is plenty of family fun awaiting within Monterosso, a day trip can be an opportunity to share some quiet time with the children. Acquire new painting and drawing techniques in a weekend art program, go backpacking on a horse, or tour Portovenere , an enchanting port city.

Don't forget to at least purchase a few local goods at the open markets throughout the Riviera. While adults may enjoy a handpicked bottle of wine, the younger family members may prefer souvenirs and other keepsakes. The families that like to spoil themselves in designer goods should go to Portofino where Dolce and Gabanna are merely precursors to the avenues of fashion houses.