Most events and festivals occur during the summer and early fall months. Of all the villages, Monterosso is the center of activity during the festival season. Some of the more popular festivals that occur throughout the year include:


  • Lemon Feast--yearly event that occurs on the Saturday before Ascension Sunday, activities include a contest to find the biggest local lemon and an award for the shop window best-decorated with lemons. Live music can also be heard throughout the day at different venues.
  • Corpus Christi--this festival occurs every year on the second Sunday following Pentacost. The highlight of this festival is viewing the intricate designs made of flower petals that cover the city's streets, alleyways, and historic city-center, over which a procession crosses later in the evening.


  • Band Festival--held during the first Saturday of the month, this festival features bands from across Italy.
  • Walnut Tournament--held during the first week of the month, this festival features a traditional game played along the streets of the city.
  • Salted Anchovy and Olive Oil Feast--held each year over the second weekend of September, features, you guessed it, salted anchovies and olive oil to eat and enjoy.