It seems that all beautiful places have been over run by both tourists and vendors alike. But there are still things to see off the beaten path. Cinque Terre is such a place. Most people walk the famous and often crowded Via Dell'Amore and miss the beauty that sits just above in the beautiful trails overlooking Cinque Terre. Trails are marked, but you may want to have someone local show you around and explain the rich history.

It is extremely enjoyable to be walking up above the Via Dell'Amore and seeing the many people on it below. One can't help but feel special way up there where it is quiet and peaceful. Walking through the vineyards on the terrasses really brings home the true feeling of "off the beaten path", in Cinque Terre. Some of the best paths to follow are in between the bottom one (the most crowded) and the upper one (with little view over the sea and the cliffs).