Museums in Rimini are not your typical ho-hum variety. The museums get to pick and choose from over 2500 years of human history and 200 million years of natural history, so there is no excuse to be bored.

  • Museo Paleontologico: Located in the Mondaino district on Piazza Maggiore, this museum of paleontology displays hundred-million year old fossils from a time when even Rimini’s highest mountains were underwater. Fish, sharks, and whales are all represented, and the enormous shark teeth are especially impressive.
  • Federico Fellini Museum : Five-time Oscar winning filmmaker Federico Fellini was born and raised in Rimini. His official museum features his personal notes and drawings as well as movie storyboards and posters.
  • Museo Collezione Arte Sacra: Here you will get to explore a valuable collection of religious art dating from the 1500s to the present. The first thing to catch your eye upon walking through the doors is a huge copper relief that belonged to the Beatified Amato. The best part: admission is free! The museum is located in Rimini’s Saludecio neighborhood.
  • Museo della Città: The Mueseo della Citta was originally a Jesuit monastery, so the building itself is historic. It houses an impressive collection of 15th century art and artifacts that look even more authentic given their austere Jesuit background.