One way to feel at home in a foreign city is to attend some community festivals. The locals in Rimini are very welcoming, and you can easily just blend into the crowd if you don't feel like playing the tourist.
  • Carreto Lent Carnival: Though it honors the Christian holiday of Lent, Rimini’s carnival actually takes place later in April than most similar events. It has become so popular among schoolchildren and tourists that the town decided to schedule it at a later date, when   more people are able to attend and the weather is nicer. The festivities include a parade with floats and a spread of rich Italian cuisine.
  • Fiesta alla Fontana dei Poeti: Up in the hills of Rimini lies a tiny village called Torriana. Every summer Torriana hosts a poetry festival, consisting of locals reading traditional poetry (in Italian, of course!) accompanied by music. The view from the hilltop provides the perfect scene to gaze at while your mind is carried away by the lyrical sounds .
  • Festival of Beer: In June, as soon as the weather permits, the people of Rimini and neighboring Riccione gather on the beach to sip Italian and international beers. It’s a celebration of summer and companionship, and usually attracts a crowd of beer and beach-loving visitors from all over Europe.