The city may be old, but the night is always young in Rimini. The locals have perfected a nighttime routine: they start out at Rimini's seaside bars as soon as the sun sets and then head for the clubs and discos from midnight until the wee hours of morning.

When the weather is warm, you’ll want to begin your night down by the marina. If you are at all tired from the day’s sightseeing, the ocean breeze will rejuvenate you. Don’t expect to be holed up in any dark, crammed rooms – the bars by the sea are well-lit, spacious and often offer breathtaking views of the Adriatic. The Ombelico del Mondo ("Belly Button of the World) is a multi-level bar known for its mixed drinks and casual atmosphere. Ombelico is a good place to relax and make friends who can show you the discos later in the evening.

For a livelier scene, try Rimini's floating club: Club Rock Island, located in the water on stilts. This is the best live music in Rimini, and the bands often play obscure songs rather than the Top-40 tunes you'll hear at every other club. But if it's Top-40 you're looking for, follow the crowds inward from the marina area to the Riccione Alta district. The main street, which slopes up the Riccione hill, contains a row of trendy discos. Pascià , at the base of the hill, attracts a calmer crowd than most but if you head up the road, you'll find exotic dancers and glitzy celebrities at the popular Byblos.