Outside the city center of Ravenna is another world, one with numerous reminders of the regions historic past. This includes the old Port of Classe, which was once the greatest Roman naval base on the Adriatic Ocean and among the most powerful in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is where the Romans build and repair their ships. The current archaeological zone is uncovering the old base, and this includes the old Roman paved road and remainders of old buildings that were used to build the massive Roman vessels.

Classe also offers another side, one of tranquility and peace in the region’s picturesque pinewoods that extend along the Adriatic coastline, and it is these woods that supplied the timber for the massive Roman ships.

Today the woods are home to various plant-life, as well as numerous wildlife including dozens of species of birds, small mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Numerous walking trails let you explore the surrounding woods, much of which has remained untouched in the numerous centuries since the Port of Classe was such an important center in the Roman Empire.

The whole Po River Delta offers even more nature to discover, including the area’s remarkable dunes, rivers and other scenic settings.