Shopping in Italy is a reason to come to the country in of itself. It is common knowledge that Italians love fashion and because of that, there are no shortages of great shops, boutiques, and full-blown malls. Aside from clothing, most tourists love stocking up on the incredible wine and gastronomic pleasures that are available in abundance in Italy, such as great olive oils, spices, and cured meats.

Bologna is stocked with great stores and it can be hard to know where to begin. Start by sticking to the areas around Via Rizzoli, Via D'Azeglio, Via Farini and Via Castiglione and you will be lucky if you have to time to go to all of the stores whose tempting windows lure you in. HelloBologna lists the most popular stores from clothing to jewelry; check with the site if you are looking for a store in particular.

Shopping for Italian food delicacies is a must while here, there are many speciality food shops all throughout the city and a few major supermarkets, but you will want to check out the daily food market as well which is located at Strada Maggiore.

Something to keep in mind while shopping however, are the limited hours. Shops are often times closed on Sundays and even Thursdays in Bologna. Many boutiques close for a few hours over the lunch period as well, it is best to start your shopping journeys early to accomplish everything you want!