If you are planning on coming to the Vatican, be sure to arrive when the museums are open.

The Vatican and its museums are closed all Sundays, save the last Sunday of each month (except if said Sunday is Easter), June 29, and December 25, 26, as well as the following other holi-dates: January 1, January 6, February 11, March 19, Easter and Easter Monday, May 1, May 25, June 15, June 29, August 15, August 16, November 1, and December 8,    

For a full list of events going on in the Vatican, check here .

Spring and Fall make for mild visits, both weather and congestion wise, as tourists and ninety degree weather have either just left or not yet made their way into Rome .  In late August, many restaurants and shops throughout the Italian capital close business, and in the winter these same establishments have much shorter hours and give themselves some additional vacation time.

That said, winter weather is rather mild, normally averaging fifties, and though summers can break ninety degree averages, at least the lesser levels of humidity relative to those for the rest of Italy make these months less stuffy.