At the base of the steps to the Borghese Gardens from Piazza Popolo is a little building with a sign for the Il Genio di Leonardo DaVinci museum.

The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci is an interactive exhibit, which is fun for adults and children.  Using the Da Vinci Code, an artisan recreated the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci.  You may touch and play with the models, which is not only fun but adds entirely another level of understanding the mind and inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Walking out into crowded Piazza Popolo after more than an hour inside with yet another perspective about the world thanks to Leonardo Da Vinci in Piazza Popolo.

Click here to see a video of the machines in  The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, hosted by the museum's director, Dino Vecchio.

The Hotel Minerva has the most amazing roof garden. So easy to find, if you stand looking at the Pantheon head along the left hand side and you can't miss it. You can just go for drinks, but they have a restaurant too!!!! You head up there for the sunset, and you'll get an amazing view of the sun setting behind St Pauls.View from minerva