Porta Portese is the massive flea market that takes over Trastevere every Sunday from 7 AM to 2 PM. The vendors have a wide variety of goods, including antiques, coins, books, furniture, clubbing clothes, fake designer purses, home decor items, jewelry and a sprinkling of everything else (but try to get away from the main street; the most interesting items can be found in the roads at its sides).  Most vendors are willing to bargain, with actual selling prices 10% to (if you're an outstanding bargainer on a slow day) as much as 30% off. Along the via Portuense - between the homonymous city gate ("Porta Portese") and via Pietro Ripari - there are several of stalls selling helmets, bikes, moped spare parts and other related items. The vendors can speak English and those who don't are very forgiving of broken Italian; there are even a few places to sit and eat while you compare bargains or watch the crowds pass by.

The flea market occupies both sides of the street for MANY blocks parallel to the Tiber. It could take literally hours to see everything and while there is a lot of junk, the serious shopper will go home with one or two real treasures; bartering and patience are a must.

When you get tired, walk three blocks away from the main street and the tram (streetcar) # 8 stop nearest to the market will take you to downtown Rome; also, take an opportunity to check out a trattoria in the beautiful Trastevere neighbourhood.

As in every crowded place, remember to check your belongings!