There are basically two ways of travelling between Civitavecchia, the town where the port for cruise ships is located, and central Rome: by train or by private car. Some cruise lines will offer a bus from the ship to a train station or hotel in Rome for maybe €69 per person, one way. This is worthwhile only if there is one person travelling. If taking a train or cruise bus, add a few more Euros to get to your ultimate destination.

By train / Rome

Train (4.60 or 5 € per person - each way): There are two or three local trains each hour between Rome and Civitavecchia. These trains leave from Termini and also stop at Tuscolana, Ostiense, Trastevere, and San Pietro stations (of course, in reverse order going from Civitavecchia to Rome). The cost is 4.60 € each way per adult from/to any station in Rome except Termini (5 € just for this station), and the journey takes just over an hour.

In most cases Termini is not the station to recommend to make this journey: using the other stations in Rome make the journey shorter (and a little cheaper), and allows to reach many different spots in Rome; moreover, in Termini these trains leave and arrive at a secondary platform rather far from the centre of the station, which is somehow an issue.

There are no seat reservations and tickets cannot sell out. Before you get on the train, you must time-stamp the ticket in a green machine at the station. There is a day pass available in the station, called the BIRG ticket costing €12, which covers travel to and from Rome, and also gives you unlimited use of buses, metro, and trams (streetcars) for the entire day in Rome.

Keep in mind that these are commuter trains, so in the rush hours they can be very crowded.

If you leave from Civitavecchia, allow an adequate amount of time to buy your train tickets: the station is small and has not so many counters or vending machines, so you are likely to have to queue before getting your ticket.

Also note for cruise passengers, you can pick up shuttle provided by cruise from ship to the North gate (a long walk otherwise).  The North gate is about one mile from the train station. Walk time is approximately 30 minutes. There is also a city bus that runs every 20 minutes. Pleople should allocate about 45 minutes to go from the ship to the train station and vice versa. The train station can also be reached by taxi.

Fast train (€9,50 to €19,00 per person - each way): There are a few faster InterCity trains between Roma Termini and Civitavecchia, costing €9,50 in second class and €12,50 in first class and stopping only at Ostiense between Termini and Civitavecchia.  There is one of these trains suitable for day-trip cruise passengers which leaves Civitavecchia at 09:19, but no other fast morning fast trains in that direction. There are also a few Frecciabianca trains which cost €13,50 in second class or €19,00 in first class. These trains do not stop at other stations in Rome. All seats on InterCity and Frecciabianca trains must be reserved in advance,  which can be done here. The seat reservation is included in the cost of the ticket. The journey takes 45 to 50 minutes. The BIRG ticket is not valid on these trains. 

SCHEDULES: For all train times see  Trenitalia, but note that costs of the local trains are not shown more than 7 days ahead.
There is also an unofficial web site where timetables are conveniently made available as printable PDFs for you to bring on travel: The same web site also contains other useful information for train travellers, such as an at-a-glance overview of current train delays.


Fast Track Express Train to Rome (19.00 euros- Round Trip): private train service introduced in 2011 for cruise travelers. The service is intended to provide a secure direct transfer to the Vatican Station (S. Pietro). Not available every day, it is supplemented with the Bus return transfer service which runs more regularly (see below). For schedule and booking of the  Fast Treck Vatican Express Train see here.


By Bus / Civitavecchia <-> Rome

By Bus  (from €19.00 per person) - Service offered with a return on time guarantee,  departs and returns from the port. Travel time approximately 1.5 h each way.  Standard departure 09:30 am, other departures available for ships that arrive at different times. For schedule and booking of the  Port to Rome return bus see here.


By car / Rome 

Private car with driver (€130 upwards per car): There are a number of companies that provide this service. Two companies that are highly recommended are and

A private car is certainly confortable and may be a good option in some particular cases, however using train is unarguably much cheaper (and less polluting).


Travelling between Civitavecchia and the Rome Fiumicino Airport

For this journey there are few options: by private transfer or taxi, by train and by bus.

By private transfer (from € 120 per car) - travel time approximately 50 min.  There are several good companies that provide this service.  Search in  Rome or Civitavecchia forums for comments about a company before booking (read more above).

By shared transfer (from € 85 per group of 2) - travel time approximately 50 min.


By Bus (€20.00 per person) - Direct transfer from Port to FCO airport or from FCO airport to port. Travel time approximately 50 min.    Departs from port at 09:30 am, arrives at FCO by 10:30 am. Departs from Airport at 11:30 am arrives at port by 12:30 pm. Not available every day. Schedule and online booking for the  Civitavecchia-FCO bus transfer found here.


By train - travel time approximately 2 hours. Take the FR1 suburban train (not the Leonardo Express) from FCO towards Rome and get off at the Trastevere station, where you can change to a local train to Civitavecchia. Reverse if going in the opposite direction. Requires some walking with luggage, changing trains, and very likely going up and down flights of stairs at station.


Some people claim it is cost-effective to rent a car at FCO and drop off at Civitavecchia (or the other way round), however, this seems unlikely. You can read more on rental car companies in Rome here: Rome:  Taxis & Rental Cars

When travelling from FCO to Civitavecchia, an official Rome taxi should have a fixed price of €120.