If you love fashion and shopping then Italy is the place for you.  Naples is the third largest city in Italy, and with that comes many large shops and boutiques.  While everyone knows that Milan is considered the place to go for fashion, Naples has just as much to choose from. There are many high-end shops located throughout the city, where you could spend hundreds of dollars in one transaction.

Though it's not necessary, sometimes it is nice to indulge yourself in a shopping spree. After all, how many times will you be in Italy? Of course, you don't need to do all your shopping at the most expensive stores to find some cool things. You can often head to local markets and shopping centers to find out what the locals are buying. Even if this will only yield gifts like shirts saying Naples, or inexpensive shot glasses, they are still nice gifts to get. They won't be worth hundreds of dollars, but they are nice memories of the places you have visited. Also, if you go to the smaller markets where the locals shop, you can often stumble upon hidden secrets that no one else knows about yet. Those are often the best finds, and it is always nice to look like a local while you are traveling abroad.

Italy has a riposo (rest time), and 'most' store have these hours:  10am - 1:30pm   4pm - 7pm.  Riposo lasts between 1:30-4pm and most people take their café then, and relax. 

If you are after bargains take yourself to the shops and outdoor market along the Corso Guiseppe Garibaldi (near the main train station).  *Take care of your belongings in this area, just as with anywhere you travel.*

There are a few large Malls being built along the outskirts of Naples.  Campania Mall is very large and has a great selection of shops. Take the A1 hwy from Naples north, and you will see exits for the mall after about 30min on your right.    Vulcano Buono is another large mall, take the A1 hwy north from Naples, take the Nola turn-off and follow the signs.  This mall is very well marked as it is a newer mall.

Via Toldeo downtown Naples is a wonderful street to shop along during the morning or just before supper.  Go for a walk through Piazza Plebiscito Galleria Umberto and then follow Via Toledo for quite a few blocks.   

Enjoy your shopping in Naples!