Sorrento Taxis and Limo Services

The taxis and limo services in Sorrento are generally well managed and speedy with friendly drivers. Taxis are available throughout the city center, at major destinations and at larger hotels. Pickups can be arranged ahead of time, and cars are typically available 24-hours a day.

It is advisable to confirm the fare before getting into cabs, as Taxis are very expensive, but most official taxi's now have meters so you can see exactly what the fare is. Make sure the car is licensed and has insurance. There are many unlicensed cars that will offer to give you a ride, and these should be avoided, as the drivers often don’t have the insurance in case of an accident. Taxis hired outside 8am to 8pm will prove to be very expensive it is not unusual to be charged 40 Euros for less than a 10 minute journey.

Here are some companies taxi and/or private drivers you can contact:



You can also hire a car and driver to take you around the city and local beauty spots. The rates vary, but check with your hotel or trip advisor for recommendations. The locals can be very knowledgeable and the drivers that serve as guides know the best locations in the area.  Taxi and private car drivers can offer restaurant suggestions, places to go, or places to buy something that you need while away from your normal stores.  If you find a taxi you like in Sorrento, ask for a card as they will want to do business with you again during your stay.

Although this should be common knowledge, if you have luggage, ensure that it will fit into the Taxi you've choosen.  Some European taxi cars are quite a bit smaller than the SUVs and Trucks typically found in the U.S. and other places.  If it doesn't all fit, then you will need two taxis which costs more than one large one.

Again, confirm that the taxi driver carries the proper insurance to be transporting passengers.

Pre Booked Private Transfer  

Airport Collections provides private transfer from Naples Airport to Sorrento.Prebook online with them to avoid queuing in the airport for taxis.They have all kinds of vehicles from standard cars to limousines.They also have wheelchair adapted vehicles and baby seat supporting vehicles with them.Their chauffeurs would meet and greet you in the airport.They have english speaking drivers with them.

Sorrento Rental Cars

If you decide to rent a car, be sure to watch for parking restrictions, and be careful in the city’s tight European streets. Likewise, the roads around the Sorrento Peninsula offer some stunning views of the mountains as well as the sea, but with their hairpin turns and narrow roads these can be challenging to American or other drivers not used to mountain driving. Cars are available for rent at the airport, as well as the city center. Check with your hotel for suggestions or check out these options:

Major car rental companies operating in Sorrento:

Hiring a scooter is a great way to explore the Bay of Naples **IF** you are experienced on two wheels, If you are not don't consider this option as the roads are very busy, narrow & twisting and not for the novis rider.  Parking a car along the coast can be very dificult and this is where a scooter or motor bike is a great advantage. One disadvantage is the cost which is generally more expensive than renting 4 wheels.

Be very very careful if you take scooters around Naples/Sorrento and are not used to the different driving practices of the Italians - they are much different than in the U.S. and the U.K., not worse or better, but different.  If you are not used to driving on the right side of the street (U.K, Australia, etc), you may have issues as well as Italy drives on the right like U.S, etc. 

Also, many of the coastal towns such as Amalfi, Positano, etc are very small (usually only one main winding street) and easily walkable (start walking on the high part and walk down) so you can take the ferry or a taxi over to these places.

2009 High Season Taxi Pricing examples - It's about 10 Euro with no luggage to get from the main Piazzo Tasso down to the port 1-4 people.  About 15 Euro from the main hotels in Sorrento on the cliff overlooking the port to get down to the port.  Add 2-4 Euro for each piece of luggage.  Expect to pay 50+ Euro if taxi-ing to Amalfi, Positano, etc.  An alternative would be to take the ferry service from Sorrento Port to those destinations.  Walking from Piazzo Tasso to the port would be about 200+ stairs and not feasible with heavy luggage or if you are out of shape.