Travelling in, within and surrounding Sorrento

If you are taking public transportation and will stay in Sorrento and area for a couple or more days, maybe a good suggestion is to carry with you the 3T (Tourist Travel Ticket) ticket. It is a ticket available through the UNICO Campania System and is valid for 3 days, expiring at midnight of the 3rd day, costs 20 euros per person, it is a magnetic small paper ticket and is blue and white. Here is the link for everyone to see how it looks like:

It entitles you to use in all the transportation that comprehends the UNICO CAMPANIA that entitles the following:

- Ilimited trips on the trains of the Circumvesuviana (Regional Train System) within Campania Region. Thinking as posts of interest means that you can use the train to Pompeii , Herculaneum, bus to Vesuvius, train to Sorrento and Naples and all the other cities served by the system. Campania is the province that carries Naples, Sorrento and Peninsula, Amalfi Coast, Salerno etc…

- Ilimited trips on the SITA Buses, Amalfi Coast and to Salerno and Paestum

- Ilimited bus and metro services in Naples (all the public ones)

ALIBUS -  public bus between Naples Airport, Naples Main train station and Naples Molo Beverello (where the hydrofoil and fast ferries to the islands leave from)

Public ferry service between Naples and the islands of Procida and Ischia (not private ferry companies)

public buses in all cities of the Sorrentine Peninsula and Amalfi Coast

 It does not include Metro del Mare and private ferries to-from Sorrento, to Capri