Many people opt to use public transportation when traveling along the Amalfi Coast.  Travelers can make use of a combination of the bus and the ferry system to get around to most major tourist attractions in the area as well as to a number of off the beaten path locations.

The ferry system is the mode of public transportation most often preferred by travelers.  Not only is it convenient, as it is much faster than the bus system, but it is also a unique way of traveling which many people appreciate as much for the experience as for the convenience.  The ferry system is called the Metro del Mare.  Fares for the ferry depend on the destination.  Tickets can be purchased on board or at ticket stations located at the various ports which themselves are located in all of the major areas of the Amalfi Coast.

The bus system is SITA ( ). These buses are said to be more comfortable than many buses by international standards and include such amenities as air conditioning.   Tickets for SITA can not be bought on board so visitors will have to stop at one of the local ticket stations before boarding. Buy your tickets in a tourist office; it’s a lot less crowded than the tabacchi. Visitors should note that fines are big for not having a ticket so they should always be purchased and carried.

It is convenient, inexpensive, and it gets you where you need to go. At the same time, it is an adventure in itself! TIPS: When boarding the bus, be prepared for a mash-up with locals and tourists. You’ll have to be aggressive—yes, push, shove, wedge yourself into the crowd. Talk to the bus driver and confirm your destination bus stop! He’ll then make sure you get off and get where you want to go!