Traveling around the Amalfi Coast is relatively easy, whether a rental car is obtained or not.   Many people do opt to rent a car upon arrival at the airport as a means of getting easily from the airport to their hotel destination.   More information about arrival and rental car options via the airport is available at .   Travelers who rent a car can use it to drive to most destinations of interest in the area.   Driving directions to and from major locations can be obtained online at or .   Drivers should note that the roads of the Amalfi Coast may be narrower than they are used to and they should adjust their speed and driving style accordingly.   Travelers who opt not to drive in the area should find that it is not difficult to get around without a car.   Many people make use of the public transportation system ( ) to get to major attractions in the area.   The system is made up of a combination of buses and ferries, both of which are convenient for different internal travel destinations.   The ferry system is the recommended system for most people, although the bus system is said to be above average by international standards and is frequently used by travelers. It should be considered that finding parking on the only one coastal road is quite difficult on the Amalfi coast, especially in July and August, and that paid parking can be quite expensive (3-5 euro per hour, 18-20 euro per day). This is one more fact that may make public transport more convenient. It's usually best to travel by ferry if possible, since the road is windy, and there is much traffic during high season. Bus timetables can be found at SITASud