Getting There 

You go to Reggio in many ways.

By boat - You can use your personal boat for sailing.  There is a harbour in the city, so plan in advance if you want to dock there. Bagnara, Gioia tauro, Messina possible. The coast has all another flavour and immense possibilities for those who sail.

By ferry - You can take a ferry to here from other places of Italy, Malta. There is a quick ferry/speedboat from Messina, isole eolie-sicily, and one day cruises from other Calabria places. Advice: public transportation is somethimes not smart, don't expect much, try to be adaptable, even though many services are quite modern.

By Train - Get Trenitalia trains from an Italian station. You cannot get to Rome in less than 5 hours, Italy is very long!!! Going to and from Sicily, the best is to get on a ferry and then take a train/ bus there. With the train you can reach most of the places along Calabria coast, and for the mountains you have to get a bus/ car.

By Car -  After adapting to drive in a "Italian way" it will be not difficult to take the motorway from Rome to Reggio or drive on the coastal road to go towards the eastern coast. Be careful of siteworks, which are not well signed, and might cause big delays.

By Bus -  Many lines go to major italian city, but the journeys are often very long (they can be more than 7 hours!). Local buses to go everywhere, but it is not easy to find information about them, so try travel agents and tourist offices.

Airports - Reggio Tito Minniti Airport is for national flights or charter flights (e.g., Paris).  You can get there from: Rome, Turin, Bergamo, Milan, Venice, and Bologna. Pisa Lametia Terme is the international airport. Flights come from many places in Europe, and other national flights. It takes about one hour and a half on the motorway to get in Reggio City centre from the airport. Buses can bring you to the train station to catch a train.