Instituto Valencia de Arte Moderno (IVAM) is quite large and the museum is based on the work of Julio Gonzalez, an avant-garde Spanish artist. Julio Gonzalez lived between 1876 and 1942. He was a Catalan abstract and cubist artist. In the 1890s he met Pablo Picasso in Barcelona at the Els Cuatro Gats. In 1900 he moved to Paris and never returned to Spain. In Paris he met other artists such as Pablo Gargallo, Max Jacob, and Juan Gris, and was influenced by Picasso, with whom he became a good friend. Gonzalez became an expert in welding and cutting and this formed the basis of much of his art. The IVAM has about 400 works of art created by this artist. Many times there are monographs of other artists held in the museum.