Words of warning if you are planning to use the Alicante Airport bus - C6.   It seems that it no longer picks up passengers waiting at the bus stop outside the hotel areas on the Elche Road going to the Airport.  There are hotels Ibis, Ibis Budget and Holiday Inn - you are pretty much stranded if you want to get to the airport from these hotels.  Having asked at Reception why the bus refused to open its doors to let passengers on, even though it stopped to let people off, the hotel revealed that for some reason the bus company has made a decision not to pick up here any longer without any reason or explanation.  It means that you have to order a taxi to take you to the airport - not a good service for the tourist.  There is a stop further along the road which it appears the bus company expect passengers to walk to with their luggage - bearing in mind its an 80kmph dual carriageway with no footpath !!  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WALK ON THIS ROAD - SOMEONE WILL GET KILLED HERE.   Do not understand the logic of the bus company at all - why leave passengers stranded at hotels when this is part of the route ? You would have thought that the bus company wanted tourists to use the service.