The coast line around Murcia, La Manga ,cabo de palos area and extending south towards cartagena offers some of Spain and possibly the med's best scuba diving.

This area especially around cabo de palos has an amazing marine park called the "islas Hormigas", protected since 1995 here you will find a huge abundance of marine creatures that are highly protected by the murcian authorities which means there are lots and lots to see, personally one of the most marine rich areas ive ever dived and ive dived in many places across the world so this is a big statement.!

Here you can find groupers in their dosens which exceed 40lbs in weight, huge shoals of barracuda, eagle rays, sun fish, predatory fish such as tuna, common dentex along with octopus, several types of nudibranch, various invertibrae  and thousands of smaller fish including bait balls at certain times of the year.

You have not experienced med diving until you dive here !

There are also some amazing ship wrecks, caves, and caverns all around cabo de palos.

 Adventure divers, the english PADi dive resort in the heart of la manga Club will take you to the marine park or any of their sites extending down towards cartagena where you can also find a harrier jet on the bottom of the ocean.

 Happy diving and tell your thoughts on the Islas Hormigas marine reserve????