One of the most important fountains in Madrid - the Fountain of Cibeles - is found in the Plaza de Cibeles where the Paseo de Recoletos meets the Paseo del Prado and the Calle de Alcala. Cibeles was the Greek god of fertility and the fountain shows her in a carriage that is drawn by a pair of lions. The designer was the architect Ventura Rodriguez and it was built at the end of the 18th century on orders of King Carlos III. The goddess and chariot are the work of Francisco Gutierrez and the lions by Roberto Michel. The whole design is done in white marble and the sculpture is 8 meters tall and 32 meters in diameter. The goddess holds a scepter and the keys to the city.

Whenever the Real Madrid wins a futbol match, their followers meet at this fountain to celebrate it.

What makes this plaza so impressive are the beautiful buildings that surround it, including the Banco de España, the Buenavista Palace (Army Headquarters), the Linares Palace (now known as the Casa de America), and the Correos y Telegrafos Building (now the City Hall). The fountain is now the symbol of Madrid.