Church of the Virgen de la Paloma


The Church of the Virgen de la Paloma is located at Plaza Virgen de la Paloma, 1. The church was inaugurated in 1912 by King Alfonso XIII and his wife Victoria Eugenia. The parish priest Ceferino Vahillo Felipe had the initiative to get the church constructed, and its architects were Lorenzo Alvarez Capra and Dimas Rodriguez Izquierdo. The style of the church is Mudejar, with Gothic elements. The ground plan follows the Latin Cross. The stained glass windows have the coat of arms of the donors and there are five donated by the King behind the main altar. The church was reconstructed in 1978 by the architect Antonio Abalos Culebras, following the new dictates of the Second Vatican Council.



What is very different about this church is that in the middle of the floor, there is an octagonal structure with a 7 steps leading down, where baptisms by immersion are performed. This is the baptismal font. The middle of the octagonal structure forms a cross. Apparently the first Christian churches were constructed this way. The chairs of the church are arranged around the main altar (which is a large table) and the baptismal font. The image of the Virgin is found in a small painting, which dates to 1791. Apparently it was found by boys playing in the area where the church is located.




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