Puerta de Toledo

The Puerta de Toledo is located at the intersection of Carretera de Toledo and Ronda de Toledo in a glorieta.

The Puerta de Toledo was constructed between 1817 and 1827 by Antonio Lopez Aguedo, and is in the shape of a triumphal arch in honor of the King Fernando VII. The style is Neoclassical. This was the last monumental gate constructed in old Madrid and was restored by the City Hall in 1995.

There is a central arch and on either side there are doorways with lintels. The construction used granite. The ornamental decoration was designed by Jose Gines and sculpted by Ramon Barba and Valeriano Salvatierra. The north façade has the coat of arms of Madrid. There are military trophies over the lateral doorways and the Allegory of Spain protecting the Arts over the central arch . The central arch and doorways are decorated with Ionic columns.