Concepcion de Nuestra Señora Church 

The Concepcion de Nuestra Señora Church is located at Calle Goya, 26. This church was originally constructed on Calle Hermosilla in the 1870s. Construction was finished in 1875 and it was the first church built in the Salamanca Barrio. The church soon became small for the population of the Salamanca Barrio, so a new site was found at its present site, at the corner of Calle Goya and Nuñez de Balboa. Construction was started in 1902 on the new church, following the design of the architect Eugenio Jimenez Corera. When this architect died, Jesus Carrasco took charge and finished the church in 1914. The style of the church is Neo-gothic and there are three naves. The church has a very tall tower of 44 meters that is topped by an iron needle-like structure that has the image of the Virgin Mary.  

The style used was the Neo-gothic style, with three naves. The façade of the church has a large tower that measures 44 meters high and is crowned with a needle of iron, which has the image of the Virgin, and above her image is a halo of lights. Where the needle starts, there are statues of four large angels, one on each corner of the building. The building is almost all white. Above the main door there is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary. The main altar is very impressive and is made of walnut that has been gilded and polychromed. It contains a beautiful statue of the Virgin and Child in the center. On either side of the altar there is a large stained glass window.

The façade of the church.


At the very top there are images of angels.


The main doorway.


The main altarpiece.



 An altarpiece in one chapel.


Another chapel with the Child Jesus.


Another chapel.


Another chapel.


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