Spanish Tapas Dictionary

Tapas are small flavorful dishes in Spain that are usually eaten in bars, cafeterias, and restaurants. This list was made with the collaboration of FernandoMadrid.

Acedías - Small soles.

Aceitunas - Olives.

Aceitunas aliñadas - Marinated olives.

Adobo - Marinated fish.

Ahumado de Pria - Smoked cheese from Asturias.

Albóndigas - Meatballs in tomato sauce.

Albóndigas en salsa de azafran - Meatballs in a saffron and almond sauce.

Alcahuciles - Small artichokes in Andalucia.

Alitas de pollo - Chicken wings marinated with garlic and paprika.

Almendras - Almonds.

Almejas - Clams.

Almejas con vino blanco - Clams with white wine.

Alubias con jamon - Small green beans with cured ham and olive oil.

Bacalao alioli - Cod with garlic and olive oil.

Berenjenas gratinadas - Fresh aubergine with cheese, tomatoes and herbs.

Bienmesabe - Marinated fish.

Bigaros - Small sea snails, also called “caramujos”, “caracolillos”.

Boquerones en escabeche - Moorish pickled anchovies.

Boquerones en vinagre - Anchovies in vinegar.

Buñuelos de bacalao - Salt cod fritters.

Burgos - White fresh cheese from Castille.

Cabrales - Roquefort style cheese from Asturias.

Cabrillas - Big snails.

Calamares a la Romana - Fried squid rings.

Calamares de huerta - Onion rings in batter.

Calamares fritos - Fried squid rings.

Calamaritos - Fried whole small squid.

Callos - Tripe with chickpeas.

Callos a la Vizcaina - Tripe cooked in the Vizcaina style.

Cangrejos de rio - River crab.

Caña de lomo bellota - Pork loin from pigs fed with acorns.

Cañaillas - Sea snails, bigger than bigaros.

Caracoles - Snails.

Carcamusas - Stewed meat with tomato, chorizo, peas and red pepper (Toledo).

Carne con Salsa/Guisantes - Beef with gravy &/or Peas - Typically a Menorquin dish

Cazon en adobo - Marinated fried shark.

Cecina - Beef jerky.

Cerrato - Cheese similar fo Manchego, from Castille-Leon, normally cured or matured.

Cerviche - Marinated fish.

Champiñones al ajillo - Mushrooms with olive oil and garlic.

Chipirones - Fried whole baby squid.

Chorizo - Cured spicy sausage.

Chorizo Iberico - Red sausage made from Iberian pigs.

Clóchinas - Mussels in Valencia.

Coctel de gambas - Prawn or shrimp cocktail.

Concha fina - Big clam that looks a bit like an oyster (Málaga).

Coquinas - Wedge shells.

Costillas - Barbecued mini ribs.

Corns - Sea Snails (similar to whelks)

Croquetas - Croquettes stuffed with ham, cod, shrimp, sausage, cheese, or any vegetable.

Empanada - Pastry stuffed with meat or fish.

Empanada de cerdo - Pork pie.

Ensalada de atun y huevos - Tuna and egg salad.

Ensalada de tomate y albahaca - Tomato and basil salad.

Ensalada mixta - Mixed salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and other ingredients.

Ensaladilla rusa - Spanish potato and tuna salad.

Escabeche de gambas - Prawn marinade.

Esparragos en salsa - Asparagus with sauce.

Flamenquin - Jamon Serrano rolled into pork loin, coated with bread crumbs and deep fried.

Fritada - Fried fish mixture.

Fritura variedad - Fried fish variety.

Gambas al ajillo - Shrimp sautéed in garlic.

Gambas a la plancha - Pan-grilled shrimp or prawn.

Gambas al pil pil - Shrimp or prawns in garlic and chile.

Gambas rebozadas - Deep fried shrimp or prawns.

Garbanzos con chorizo - Chickpeas with sausage.

Garbanzos con jamón - Chickpeas with ham.

Gazpacho - Cold tomato soup.

Gazpacho caliente - hot tomato soup thickened with breadcrumbs (Andalucia)

Gilda - Chile pepper, anchovy, and an olive.

Guisantes con jamon - Green peas with cured ham.

Habas/Habitas con jamon - broad beans with cured ham.

Huevas de bacalao - Cod fish eggs.

Huevos en mayonesa - Eggs in mayonnaise.

Huevos de merluza - Hake-haddock eggs.

Huevos revueltos con jamon - Scrambled eggs with Serrano ham.

Idiazabal - Smoked cheese from the Basque country.

Jamon Iberico - Iberian pig ham fed with acorns.

Jamon pata negra - The same as Jamon Iberico.

Jamon Serrano - Dry cured ham.

Jamon, tomate, y ajo con pan - Ham, tomato and garlic bruschetta.

Jibia - Cuttlefish.

Langostinos - Tiger prawns.

La Peral - Asturias cheese similar to Gorgonzola.

Lomo - Cured pork loin.

Lomo en manteca - Cured pork loin with red lard.

Magro con salsa - Pork fillet in sauce.

Manchego - The most typical Spanish cheese from sheep from Castilla La Mancha. It can be fresh (fresco), medium (semi curado), cured (curado), and matured (añejo).

Matrimonio - Anchovy in vinegar & salted anchovy canapé.

Mejillones - Mussels.

Mejillones en escabeche - Mussels marinated in garlic and fresh herbs.

Mejillones rellenos - Stuffed mussels.

Miraflores - White fresh chees from Castille.

Mollejas - Part of the intestines, normally grilled or boiled, from lamb or veal.

Morcilla frita - Fried blood sausage (black pudding).

Muslitos de cangrejo - Little crab thighs.

Oreja - Spicy ear of port.

Oricios - Sea urchin, also known as “erizos”.

Pancheta - Fresh pork bacon, not smoked.

Pasteles de txangurro - Basque style spider crab cakes.

Patatas a la pobre - Fried potatoes sautéed with onions, red and green peppers.

Patatas alioli - Potatoes with garlic and olive oil.

Patatas bravas - Spicy and hot fired potatoes.

Patatas de casa - house potatoes.

Patatas rellenas - Stuffed potatoes.

Pavías - Cod strips in batter.

Pescaditos fritos - Assortment of fried little fish.

Picon - Roquefort style cheese from Cantabria.

Pijota - Small hake.

Pimientos del Piquillo - Red peppers in the Piquillo style.

Pimientos rellenos - Peppers stuffed with rice.

Pinchitos morunos - Small spicy Moorish kebabs.

Piperada - Egg dish on toasted bread rounds with butter.

Pipirrana - Salad with green pepper, tomato, onions, and tuna or cod.

Pollo relleno de jamon - Chicken stuffed with ham.

Pulpo - Octopus.

Pulpo a la Gallega - Octopus cooked in the Galician style (with sweet red paprika)

Pulpo al ajillo - Octopus with garlic.

Pulpo frito - Fried octopus.

Puntillitas - Fried whole baby squid.

Queso emborrado - sheep or goat cheese marinated in olive oil and herbs.

Queso Manchego - Sheep cheese from Manchegan sheep from Castilla la Mancha.

Rabas - Squid tentacles.

Remojon - Cod and orange salad.

Revolconas - Crashed boiled potato with sweet red paprika and chunk of fried bacon (Avila)

Revuelto de ajetes - Scrambled eggs with soft garlic.

Revuelto de esparragos - Scrambled eggs with asparagus.

Revuelto de morcilla - Scrambled eggs with blood sausage (black pudding).

Riñones al jerez - Sherry kidneys.

Rosada a la plancha - Grilled haddock.

Salchichon - Sausage.

Salchichon Iberico - Sausage made from Iberian pigs.

Salmorejo cordobes- Cold cream made from tomatoes ,bread, oil, salt, vinegar and water.

Salpicon de mariscos - Seafood salad.

San Simon - Smoked cheese from Galicia.

Sardinas - Fresh sardines.

Setas - Wild mushrooms.

Tellinas - Wedge shells in Valencia

Tetilla - Mild cheese from cow milk from Galicia.

Tiberios - Hot spicey mussels (Zamora)

Tigres - Deep fried mussels with béchamel sauce.

Torta del Casar - Similar to Mont D’or French cheese and is from Extremadura.

Tortilla de esparragos - Asparagus omelette.

Tortilla de patatas - Potato omelet.

Tortillitas de camarones - Shrimp fritters.

Tortilla Espanola - Traditional potato and onion omelette.

Zamora - Cheese similar fo Manchego, from Castille-Leon, normally cured or matured.

Zarajo - Roast lamb tripe wrapped around a stick (Cuenca).