Menu of the Day

The Spanish eat their big meal of the day during lunch time. Most restaurants offer a menu of the day from Monday to Friday for lunch only. This is usually a bargain and may cost between 8 to 13 euros, as of this writing. Upper scale restaurants will charge a bit more. The menu of the day will be posted outside the restaurant, so one can see if it is interesting before entering the restaurant. For tourists who are on a budget, this is a very good deal and one can save money by having lunch at these restaurants that offer the menu of the day. 

In Spain the average cost of the menu of the day was 11.60 euros in 2015. 

The menu of the day usually consists of two plates. The first plate may have an appetizer, soup, or salad. The second plate will contain the main dish, such as meat or fish, accompanied by a garnish like fries. Bread and dessert are also usually included. Many include a glass of wine or beer. The price of the menu of the day should include the IVA (sales tax). A tip is not included. Read the menu of the day carefully to see exactly what is included. 

Many restaurants have several menus of the day, each at a different price. When one enters a restaurant, it is worthwhile to ask for the menu (ask for la carta) and read all of the special offers.  

Lunch is usually served between 1 pm and 4 pm. Some big chains like VIPS open at 12:30 pm and serve the menu of the day all day.

Ask for "la carta" for the regular menu or

ask for "menu del dia"  for a prefix menu ussualy posted outside of the restauran