Types of Paella in Spain


Paella is one of the most popular dishes served in restaurants all over Spain. Tourists love to eat paella, and this dish usually is made with short grain rice (usually grown in the Province of Valencia) and is colored yellow and cooked with saffron, a spice that comes from Castilla la Mancha. There is a wide variety of paella and many restaurants have their own recipes and variations. Many paellas include red and green peppers and tomatoes.


1.   Paella Valenciana – The original paella was born in Valencia. Besides rice, this includes chicken and pork. Many natives include rabbit, but many restaurants do not include it because they know that many tourists are not familiar with rabbit. 


2.   Paella de Marisco – This is a seafood paella that does not contain meat. It usually contains prawns, mussels, calamares, clams, and other seafood.


3.   Paella Mixta – This paella is a mixture of the paella Valenciana and the paella de marisco. It contains both meat and seafood. Sometimes this paella is called Paella Andaluz.


4.   Paella Vegetariana – This paella contains a variety of vegetables like artichokes, lima beans, red and green peppers, and rice and does not include any meat or seafood.


5.   Paella Negra – This paella is cooked with squid ink and looks black. It may have very small squid. This is an acquired taste best left for the natives and the adventurous.


6.   Paella del Señorito – This paella is usually a mixed paella that has no bones or seafood shells and the chicken, pork, and seafood have been cut into small pieces. This paella is served for children, and all the work has been taken out of eating it. A male child may be called a señorito in Spain, thus the name.