Arriving at Terminal 4S


Many international flights to Madrid arrive at Terminal 4S, usually at one of the gates. There are very few signs as to where a passenger should go to next.

1.    Look for the Salida (exit) sign and follow it.

2.    Everyone has to go through Passport Control. This is on an upper level and at the exit.

Passengers staying in Madrid:

1.    You have to take the automatic train to Terminal 4. The automatic train leaves Terminals T4 and T4S every 3 minutes, day and night. This will take about 4 minutes. Go to pick up your luggage from the carousel.

2.    Go through Customs (Aduana). If you have nothing to declare, just go to the exit. Sometimes there are random checks and Customs may ask you to open your luggage.

3.    Exit and look for transportation to the city.  there is a bus that connects T4 with the other terminals; if you get that bus you can get out at T2 to take the metro to Madrid.

Passengers connecting to other Spanish cities using Terminal 4:

1.    One will have to go through security control first.

2.    Take the train to Terminal 4. This will take about 10 minutes.

3.    On arrival at Terminal 4, take a look at the screen showing departures and look for your flight and see from what gate it leaves from.

4.    Terminal 4 is one kilometer long, so you should proceed to your gate to make your connecting flight.