Day Trip to the Palace of Riofrio


The Palace of Riofrio is located in Segovia. It is a very beautiful Royal palace but it is quite inaccessible by public transportation. The only way to go there is by car.

Riofrio was a place for hunting that Felipe V rented in 1724. In 1726 Felipe V died and his widow was Isabel de Farnesio, who was a very ambitious woman. She decided to build the palace at Riofrio and possibly leave it as an inheritance to her younger son Don Luis. The construction started in 1752 and was finished in 1762. The architects were the Italians Andrea Rusca, Bartolomeo Reale, Rabaglio, Carlo Fraschina, Pietro Sermini, and Jose Diaz Gamones. However the interior was never finished because no king or queen lived in it.

The palace is square and each side measures 84 meters. What makes the palace unique is the double staircase going to the top floor, which is unique, because the other royal palaces have only one staircase. The palace is full of important paintings, furniture, chandeliers, curtains, and carpets, but the floors are not finished.

There is a series of 150 small paintings that depict the life of Christ, all painted by the same artist, Giovanni del Cinque. In the 1960's the Hunting Museum was created and it has many good dioramas of animals that were hunted, and these dioramas were created by the taxidermist Benedito and the scene maker Emilio Ruiz del Rio.