Campo del Moro

Located behind the Palacio Real is a large park that occupies 20 hectares and is known as the Campo del Moro (Field of the Moor). Beside the park is the Manzanares River. In 1109 the Almoravid Chieftain Ali Ben-Yusuf set up his camp in this place when he tried to capture the Alcazar (this old castle burned down in the 18th century) from the Christians. He failed in the attempt and had to retreat, but the field was called Campo del Moro since then.

After the Alcazar burned down, King Felipe IV had the Palacio Real built, as well as the park and garden. The park received few funds because the Palacio Real cost so much, so the park did not amount to much at that time. When Isabel II was still a minor, under the regency of her mother Queen Maria Cristina, the park was rebuilt and the Triton and Seashell Fountain were taken from the Royal Palace of Aranjuez and Boadilla and installed in the park. The park was designed as a formal garden with geometric parterres.

At the end of the 19th century, another renovation was made and the park was landscaped into the English style. There now are 70 plant species that are planted in groves of trees and secluded trails, with open spaces between the trees. So today the park has both the formal style and the romantic style. Many of the trees are more than 170 years old, and these include oaks and elms, as well as many other types of trees. The location is at the Paseo Virgen del Puerto.