Tax Free Shopping in Spain

Many stores in Spain offer tax free (duty free) shopping to tourists. This is offered to people who reside outside the European Union only and offered for goods with a value of € 90.15 or more.

You can save the 16% IVA (sales tax).


1. Look for the tax free or duty free sign on the door or window of the store. If you do not see the sign, ask the clerk at the store. All El Corte Ingles stores are in the program.

2. When you buy the item, use a credit card. The store clerk will give you a form that has been filled out by the clerk.

3. Before you go to the airport, put all duty free items you bought in a small bag. When you get to the airport, there is usually a customs desk after security. You have to show the goods you bought and the tax free form. The customs officer will stamp the form. After that you drop the form in a post office box outside the customs area.

4. You will get the refund about a month after you reach your home. The money will be refunded to your credit card.

5. At the El Corte Ingles stores, you can accumulate receipts if they go over the € 90.15 figure and then ask the clerk for the duty free form.