Barrio Salamanca Quality Stores

There are many quality stores in Madrid, in the Barrio Salamanca, that do not belong to national chains and are one of a kind. This is a partial list of those stores:

1. Art Deco and Modern Design

Calle Lagasca, 62 - Semisotano Izquierda

Tel: 914-357-391

This is the only Art Deco store in Madrid and has a large variety of furniture, glass, and objects of art. The owner is a very friendly woman who is an expert in Art Deco.

2. Perfumeria Alvarez Gomez

Calle Serrano, 14

Tel: 914-311-656

This perfumery was started in 1899 with its Agua de Colonia Concentrada, a unique cologne that found success. Today the present store dates from 1952. It not only has perfumes, but there is a wide variety of quality women's accessories, such as scarves, hair accessories, a few items of clothing, and many other items that cannot be found in other stores.