Three Kings Parade (Cabalgata)

The Three Kings Parade (Cabalgata) is held on Jan. 5, usually at 6 pm. The route is the Avenida de la Castellana, passing in front of the Plaza de Colon. The road is lined with children and their families. There are about 30 beautiful floats, filled with children and adults in beautiful costumes, who throw candy to the crowds below.

This is one of the best parades in Spain. The floats are very imaginative and the costumes are beautiful and gorgeous. There is an air of innocence that is appropriate for the children watching it.

The parade has horses, oxen, and burros. There are marching bands and music. The costumes remind children of their nursery tales. The most important floats are those that carry the Three Kings, also in gorgeous costumes. The parade lasts until about 8:30 pm.

Visitors to Madrid will find this parade very enjoyable, something to share with their children.