Transportation from Madrid to Segovia

Prices and time schedules are as of Dec. 31, 2008.

A. Renfe AVE Train

1. This is the preferred way to go to Segovia because it takes a shorter time than the bus and is more comfortable, since one can stand and go to the bathroom.

2. The train station is the Chamartin Station, towards the north of Madrid.


3. For the day tripper, there is the Alvia 04087 that leaves at 08:00H and arrives at Segovia in half an hour.

Tourist price: 21.20€

Web price: 8:50€

Estrella price: 12.70€

4. For the return trip, there is the Alvia 04140 that leaves at 18:46H and arrives in Madrid at 19:56H.

Tourist price: 21.20€

Web price: 8:50€

Estrella price: 12.70€

5. Read Buying Renfe Tickets Online in Trip Advisor. One can buy tickets 62 days in advance. It is best to buy the tickets early to get the web price.

6. The train station at Segovia is the Segovia-Guiomar Station, which is 4 km from the city center. Take the No. 11 bus (cost about a euro), that drops you at the aqueduct. This is their website:

7. Be sure to get back to the train station in time.

B. Bus

The Sepulvedana Bus Co. goes from the Principe Pio Intercambiador (transportation hub) on Paseo de la Florida to Segovia.

1. This is the website:

2. The website is in Spanish only, but one can navigate it using this example:

3. After entering the website, go to Rutas y Horarios.

Origen: Madrid Florida

Destino: Segovia

Tarifas: Normal

Fecha Ida (Date of travel): 26-1-2009 (This is a Monday)

Numero Plazas (Number of tickets) : 2

Hit the Buscar button.

4. There is a bus every half hour starting at 6:30H until 23:00H. The time to reach Segovia is about 1.5 hours and the price is 6.64€ as of this writing.