Visitors to Gibraltar should read "Dots on the Map" by Colin Leckey.  It's the tale of the author's quirky trip around Europe's seven smallest countries - the Faroes, Liechtenstein, San Marino, the Vatican City, Monaco, Andorra and Gibraltar.

The book combines wry, humorous anecdotes with fascinating details about the history, geography and politics of each of the countries he visits.  The highlights of his trip to Gibraltar include a wrestle with one of the territory's famous Barbary macaque apes, a tour of the 19th century Siege Tunnels where the plucky British held out against combined Franco-Spanish might, and worrying about stalactites falling on his head in St Michael's Cave.  There are some interesting insights on how this "British pimple on the Spanish bottom" has managed to survive against all the odds for over three centuries, and is now well placed to flourish in a multi-cultural future.

The book is available on Amazon for around £8.99, and the "search inside" facility is available so you can read more before buying.