Gibraltar is a living, breathing, military museum.  It has another history too, albeit one that is not discussed here.  Gibraltar is one gigantic fortress.  Everywhere one looks there are huge ramparts; and gun emplacements and much evidence of military occupation and military defence and defiance.

One piece of military history, built in or around 1790, is still 'alive and kicking' and in its original use today.  It is a near perfect gem.  Few tourists, or even Gibraltar residents, visit.  This is a sadness.  To visit and to tour this jewel is to return to the past.

The 'jewel' referred to is: The Garrison Library.  

This beautiful old establishment, with gardens, front and back, is very much open to the public.  It welcomes visitors whole-heartedly.  From a quick visit; a tour guided by Robert Wheeler - a volunteer guide and fountain of knowledge concerning the Library and Gibraltar - serious research; simply to gaze in wonder at the tens of thousands of books, or sit quietly in the garden, - it is a unique experience to be had in Gibraltar.  Entry is free!

The Library staff, led by the director: Dr. Jennifer Ballantine-Perrera, are welcoming, knowledgeable, helpful and keen to assist all visitors. 

There will be good people who will have no interest whatsoever in the Library; but there will be many who will be grateful to have had its existence brought to their attention.