Located 96 miles out from the city of Vigo , La Coruna is a town/province in Galicia with much history and attraction.  The home of the Spanish Armada, La Coruna is an easily accessible port area overflowing with arts and culture.

The province is home to the Galician capital Santiago de Compostela, where stands one of the most imposing, dramatic, and spectacular of Spain’s cathedrals.  

Costa da Morte is an area of precipices and lighthouses, and the Cape Finisterre , the most western point on the continent, hosts a light and a siren to protect ships trying to navigate the surrounding thick fogs.  

Old Town La Coruna is a great place to get some urban hiking done, while the Gardens of Mendez Nunez provide a most scenic spot for relaxing.  For another worthwhile botanical visit, check out the Garden of San Carlos, which contains the bones of General Sir John Moore, who had here failed to lead the British to victory during the early Napoleonic wars.

As the second biggest port town in the country, La Coruna’s resorts and beaches are hard to beat.  Whether you want to sightsee or catch some rays and z’s, Coruna is an ideal place for a couple-week vacation.