Sitges has its own beauty and attraction, including the beaches along its coastline. A friendly warning, however: As a predominantly gay tourist community, a number of Sitges' beaches are designated accordingly. Homosexual and nude activities abound on certain beaches, and may spill over onto other beaches at times. Visitors wishing to avoid this element may wish to consider other options. 

Take a walk through Sitges' narrow, Old World streets, admire its centuries-old architecture, and stop at a tucked-away cafe to rest your feet.      

Barcelona is a large city, about 30 minutes from Sitges, where many day trip destination opportunities await. Not far from the Maria Cristina Metro station is the Monestir de Pedralbes. The monastery dates back to 1326. Visit the cells, the infirmary, the refectory, and the kitchen. You may also view many old paintings there, as well as the musuem, the cloister, and the church itself.

Not to be mistaken with the Picasso Museum in Paris, Barcelona has its own museum honoring the 19th century artist, featuring works bequeathed by Picasso himself, as well as works donated by benefactors from all over the world. The museum also houses an extensive library. The Picasso Museum is located at Montcada, 15/17.