Sitges offers a wide and varying gay scene when it comes to bars and clubs. According to some people there is a circuit, where you do a certain bar first and then move on. But to be honest, if you find a bar that you like, then stick with it until the circuit comes to you.... it saves you having to go from bar to bar in the heat trying to catch up.

Most bars get busy from 12am onwards. People generally go to the smaller bars first where it is easier to have a conversation. The bigger bars, such as Mediterraneo tend to get busier around 1.30ish.

Bars in Sitges .


Bonaventura has a number of great bars, Bourbons, Piano and Man Bar which offer something for everyone.

The scene is quite mixed in terms of age and types... It is quite normal to go to a bar and to see an 80 year old at one end of the bar and an 18 year old at the other.

Being Sitges, cruising goes on in most of the bars. Those with a dark room are obviously that bit cruiser, XXL, Man Bar, Bourbons and Oreks for example.

Bars like Privilege and B Side put on shows during certain nights of the week so check out the guide on to find out what's on when. The usual fare of hot strippers strutting their stuff is to be expected!

When you finish at the bars, (normally around 3am or so) head for one of the late discos, Organic or Trailer . Organic is more Euro-pop with some theme nights. Trailer is for the more hardcore amongst you, with a large dark room, a famous Wed night foam party and a "lights-out" night on Thursday. And don't forget the Gay Beach Party on Tuesday Nights during the Summer. Its on at the L'Átlantida which is a beautiful outdoor nightclub with stunning views of the sea and even hotter looking men!