Church of San Benito

The Church of San Benito is located at Calle de San Benito, 3. This church was started in 1499 with the late Gothic style and was finished in the late 16th century. The façade looks like a gate in a tower. It was designed by Rodrigo Gil de Hontañon in 1569. The tower was higher, but the upper part was removed in the 19th century for fear that it would fall down. The facade is quite severe and there is very little ornamentation on the outside of the church. The rest of the church was designed between 1499 and 1515 by the architects Juan de Arandia and Garcia de Olave and completely made of stone. The church is quite big and has three naves and three apses that are polygonal in shape. There does not exist a crossing. The lateral naves are quite high. Light comes in from large windows from one of the lateral naves. There is a high choir that has the span of the three naves. There is a beautiful main altar that is gilded. Many of the beautiful sculptures that originally adorned the church are now in the National Museum of Sculpture.