Valladolid is a beautiful location where travelers will enjoy spending time, but it also a somewhat quiet location, being a historic city where much of life is centered on the ancient past.  For this reason, many Valladolid visitors take some time away from their trip to the area to enjoy some of the larger cities of Spain .  There are four major cities located within five driving hours from Valladolid , and all of them make excellent locations for day trips by visitors who want to get a bit more of the modern flavor of the area.

The closest of the large cities is the capital city, Madrid .  It is located just over one hundred miles away from Valladolid .  Many travelers make the decision to fly in to Madrid and then to explore the area before heading to Valladolid .  Madrid offers easy access to Valladolid via train and bus so travelers will find that this might be a convenient day trip destination even if this was not the original method of arrival.  See for more information about travel between Madrid and Valladolid .

The other major cities in the area which might make good day trips for Valladolid visitors are Bilbao , Cordoba and Zaragoza .   The latter two are located just over two hundred and sixty miles away from Valladolid .   Bilbao is approximately one hundred miles closer to the city.