Valladolid is a somewhat quiet location but this does not mean that it does not have an active nightlife.   Travelers will find that there are plenty of things to do in the area when the sun goes down, and if it gets too boring for the most lively of visitors in the area, there are several major cities located close enough to Valladolid to make it viable to plan on enjoying their nightlife in addition to that in Valladolid.   (See for information about nearby cities.)

In the ancient city, as well as all throughout Spain , travelers should make sure to enjoy two things at the local bars: wine and tapas.  Valladolid is known for its excellent wine options, with Vega Sicilia being a top choice.  Sangria is also a popular drink which should be enjoyed by visitors.  Tapas are appetizers which are served, often free of charge, at places which serve alcohol.  Take advantage of the opportunity to sample lots of different tastes of the area by eating tapas at every bar that offers them.

As far as where to go, the best streets to try are the Plaza del San Miguel area and the Calle del Paraiso.  Both of them have numerous pubs located along them so that travelers can find a place which suits their style or go from bar to bar getting a little taste of everything.