Segovia is itself a day trip destination from Madrid. However, if you want to base yourself out of a smaller city, Segovia makes an excellent home base from which a number of great destinations located nearby make great day trips. All of these cities can be reached via your own car, or by train or bus. A few places that should top your list include:

Madrid - 1 hour drive, located to the south of Segovia, is full of things to do. Bullfights, tons of museums, along with parks, gardens, and plazas are all a part of Madrid's rich cultural scene. If you only have one day to spend in Madrid, you may want to consider taking an organized tour to allow you the chance to see as much of the city as possible.

Avila - 1 hour drive, located to the southwest of Segovia, is probably most famous as the home to St Teresa, who was born in Avila in 1515. However, there is much more to Avila than just the requisite souvenir stands selling St Teresa tchotchkes. Avila is also known for its well-preserved medieval walls, built in the 11th century, which still surround the city today. Other sights to see in Avila include the Catedral de Avila and the Convento de Santa Teresa.

Toledo - 1.5 hour drive, located to the south of Segovia, is one of those must-see destinations in Spain. Anyone who took an art class in high school or college probably remembers Toledo as a major source of inspiration for the painter El Greco -- and there are plenty of opportunities to check out his art whilst in town. Your day in Toledo will be full of things to do -- sights you won't want to miss include the Alcazar, now home to an army museum, the Cathedral de Toledo, and the Casa y Museo de El Greco -- and that is just the bare minimum.

Salamanca - 2.5 hour drive, located to the west of Segovia, is known for its well-preserved architecture. Sights to put on your "must-see" list include the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain's oldest university), the Catedral Nueva (built in 1513) and the Catedral Vieja (built in 1140), Museo Art Nouveau-Art Deco, and the Casa de las Conchas.