Vera Cruz Church

This church is located just out of the city on the Carretera de Zamarramala. The Knights Templar founded the church in 1208, and when this Order was dissolved, it passed to the Knights of Malta. In the late 17th century the church was abandoned but it was salvaged in 1845 by the Provincial Monuments Commission. It was designated as a National Monument in 1919. In 1951 it was returned to the Knights of Malta and restored.

The church is Romanesque, but has an unusual ground plan using a 12-sided polygon. There is a tower to the south and there are 3 chapels with tympanums and 2 portals with archivolts on columns. It was inspired by the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, where the Templar Order originated.

The north side has a large altarpiece of painted panels that dates to 1516. The chapel contained the piece of the True Cross that was donated to the church in 1224 by the Pope Honorius III. Vera Cruz means the True Cross.