San Martin Church

This church is one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Segovia. There is a porticoed gallery that opens onto the Calle Juan de Juan Bravo. There is an impressive atrium which has round arches resting on columns with Roman capitals. The apses are in the Romanesque style. There is a church tower in Mudejar style in the center of the nave. The ground plan is in the shape of a Greek cross. The church features tombs of important people, such as the Herrera Family, and 15th century paintings of the Segovian school. The church has a wonderful sculpture of Saint Francis of Assisi by Pedro de Mena. The artist Gregorio Fernandez sculpted the Recumbent Christ. There is a triptych from Flanders that was brought to the church by Alonso Moreno in the 16th century. There is a marble panel with the image of San Martín on the outside of the apse.

There is also a triptych by the Flemish painter Adrian Isembrandt. When this church was built, it was in the richest and most important parish of the city.