Street Market in Salamanca



Mercadillo de Salamanca (also known as El Rastro) 


Recinto Ferial - Avenida Aldehuela (Not to be confused with the other Recinto Ferial outside the city on the south side with mostly deals with the buying/selling of cattle). 

Sunday mornings, 10am-2pm.  This flea market is set up in a parking lot.  In the summer time it gets very hot and you will want to take a bottle of water with you and wear a hat. Beware of pickpockets.

There is clothing, art, antiques, flowers, plants, stamps. You can also find candy, kitchen gadgets, food, ceramics, shoes and many Africans selling wood carvings and other things from their country.

There are also a lot of vendors selling "knock-off" clothing and illegal copies of music CDs and movie DVDs. You will recognize the illegal vendors as their merchandise is frequently set out on blankets on the ground as opposed having an actual market stall. Although many people buy things from them,  It is important to know that it is illegal in Spain to purchase from them.  Both the seller and customer can be ticketed if caught.  These vendors will run when the police come by.  Their blankets are equipped with transparent fishing line around the edges so their items can be scooped up in seconds.