Leon Cathedral

The Cathedral of Leon is also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Regla. It is 91m long and is a great masterpiece of early Gothic architecture in Spain. The front has three large towers, two belfries and one clock tower. There is a huge and very impressive rose window and three doorways that have beautiful sculpture. The choir is one of the oldest in Spain. The church was started in the 13th century and finished in the 16th century, designed by the architect Enrique. The church contains in a silver urn the remains of San Froilan, who is the patron saint of Leon. He was the bishop of the city between 900 and 905 A.D.

The interior is very impressive because of the light effects from the stained glass windows, which are 12m in height. The stained glass dates from the 13th to the 20th centuries. There are 1800 square meters of stained glass windows, and these are considered some of the best in Europe. This cathedral is the cathedral that has the most sunshine in it. The choir was built by three famous artists, Jusquin, Copin of Holland, and Juan de Malinas. There is a beautiful Plateresque screen in the wall behind the tomb of King Ordoño II.

The main chapel contains a Gothic retable with 15th century paintings depicting the life of San Froilan. The retro choir contains beautiful sculptures made of alabaster. There is a Plateresque cloister too. There is a Cathedral Museum that contains a very large collection of sacred art, about 1500 pieces. There are 50 Romanesque sculptures of the Virgin, which date from pre-historic times to the 18th century. There are works by Juan de Juni, Mateo Cerezo, and Gregorio Fernandez.